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What is Inner Magnetism?

  • A state of being that allows you to attract that which you desire.

  • People, places, opportunities naturally fall into place because of the joy, love, and inner peace that resonates from within you.

  • A knowingness of who you are, what you’re capable of and what is in alignment for you.

  • Resilience in the face of mistakes, challenges and perceived failures.

  • The ability to express yourself fully; to be vulnerable and authentic without the fear of being rejected.

  • The confidence to follow your dreams, to ask for what you want, to place boundaries with love and to let go of what does not serve you.

  • Ease with missed expectations and the ability to allow and process your emotions.

  • The freedom to be YOU; the full, loving, powerful, and complete you.

Who doesn’t want a little bit more magnetism?


What is the Activate Your Inner Magnetism Course?

The Activate Your Inner Magnetism Course is a LIVE online course that helps you gain confidence, experience more freedom, ease, and joy in your daily life and gives you the tools you need to consistently bring you back to center and in alignment with what’s most important to you.

If you’ve been thinking you need something to support you to live with more intention, to bring more balance into your life, and just to feel more confident, the Activate Your Inner Magnetism Course is for you.  


There are four key pillars to this course:

Law of Attraction & Manifesting

We’ll be diving deep into how the law of attraction works and how you create your own reality. We’ll take a look at what you’re already manifesting, how you manifest more, what tools you can begin to manifest & attract more of what you desire. How to turn your thoughts into physical reality.


Reprogramming your subconscious

The subconscious mind is responsible for your actions, behaviors, and emotions. If there’s something you want and you think you’re thinking about it all the time, and you really really want it, but it’s not showing up, your subconscious brain is blocking it from happening. We’ll take a close look at what your subconscious brain is thinking and how to reprogram it to believe it can have what you desire.

Energetic Vibration & Alignment

The higher your vibration, i.e. the more joy, love, peace we have from a mental/emotional, physical and spiritual perspective, the more you’ll be able to attract what you desire. We’ll be taking a look at all of the different ways you can begin to alter your energetic vibration and manifest more quickly.


Once we begin to manifest, we have to follow the steps to get there. Manifesting can sometimes show up without many actions, but there are always at least a few inspired (and usually easy) actions to get there. The good news is that once we set an intention in motion our intuition is guiding us with the exact steps to get us there. So in month 4 of the course, we’ll be exploring how to access, listen to, and honor your intuition, consistently.

During the Activate Your Inner Magnetism Course I’ll guide you to…

  • Learn your manifesting style and how to benefit from the law of attraction.

  • Reprogram your subconscious to stop repeating the stories that cause the same negative patterns to show up in your life.

  • Raise your energetic vibration so you’re in a consistent state of flow.

  • Open your channels to receive.

  • Discover your strongest intuitive gifts and develop your intuition

  • Uncover judgements that block you from having what you really desire.

  • Build confidence using the principles of the law of attraction.

  • Build a habit of living with intention everyday.

What people are saying:

The course was incredible and helped me learn many ways to practice manifesting so it was easy. Marisa created an environment that made me feel comfortable being vulnerable and sharing with others in the program. This allowed me to get so much out of the program that I am still processing all that I learned. I loved the daily assignments and weekly videos with words of wisdom from Marisa. I also loved the sense of community and support that was created in our group so I could have a place I felt comfortable having conversations around spirituality as I see it. Thru all the teachings, practices, and support I was able to achieve my goal of stepping more into myself with confidence. I find comfort in knowing that if I ever need more guidance that I can schedule a session with Marisa at any time and receive the support I need. I also have access to all the course information that I can revisit at anytime I need a refresher. I cannot praise this course or Marisa enough. It was truly an honor to be a student of her teachings.
— Kristi
I had the honor of participating in Marisa’s course on attracting magnetism. Marisa is the perfect combination of kind and direct! She helped me identify the goal of working on speaking up more, reflect on where fears of speaking up may have come from, and actually practice breaking this pattern. Her insight is always spot on, she’s incredibly knowledgable, and she keeps the learning fun and engaging.

I’m a therapist and I’m obviously a huge fan of therapy, but the two things that set this course apart from therapy for me were: 1.) The emphasis on energy work, spirituality, and the science that backs it up (also mind blowing to consider all the ways science has not caught up). 2.) The way Marisa is able to be super direct and directive in ways that may not always be the role of a therapist.

This course worked so well in tandem with other healing modalities and body work I’ve been doing. I am so thankful to have made this connection and have seen concrete changes in my life since working with Marisa. I will definitely continue to practice the tools she taught me and refer back to the abundance of materials provided!
— Amalia
I call Marisa my “spiritual mechanic” because she always knows exactly what to say and do to get me back into alignment. I don’t know where I’d be without her this past year, as she has been the safe space for me to share my deepest fears and has been a relentless stand for my greatness, as well as a gentle nudge to get me out of the BS in my head and back to my Higher Self. She’s been my guide to discover and really exercise my intuition, and I thank my lucky stars for her!
— Anna

Marisa has played a HUGE part in putting me on the path to becoming the best version of myself and, for the first time in years, I feel genuinely happy again. She has completely changed my perspective and mindset about my life and the universe and has taught me about the importance of alignment, manifestation, and intuition. I now have these tools at my disposal, and I see results in my daily life! Because of Marisa, I am able to manifest both small and big “miracles” with ease!
— Amy


This program really helped me figure out more about what alignment means for me and what is blocking me from achieving it. I loved being able to verbalize and work through these things, leaving me more confident to go after what I truly want. I always loved the video conference calls. I love hearing other’s stories and interacting in that way. With these programs, you are guaranteed to learn something about yourself and how to work through things that are holding you back. Marisa is so amazing to work with! Her love and passion for the work she does and her clients is more than evident. She is an excellent teacher!
— Ashley

I loved having the opportunity for 1-1 coaching with you, having video recordings, your constant positive support, and your ability to share where tools have changed your life. I definitely recommend this course for it’s supportive features and how simple it is to implement the content daily.
— Janina

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People who have taken this course often say they experience the following:

  • Manifest exactly what they want without having to take a single action.

  • Receive money, gifts, opportunities in all areas of life.

  • Experience miracles and synchronicities frequently.

  • Can easily place boundaries and use their intuition, so they’re not constantly in a state of overwhelm and stress. 

  • Stop negative thoughts from invading every part of their life so they can experience less guilt and more peace. 

  • Trust their inner guidance & stop feeling guilty about saying no or practicing self-care.

  • Are more present and rested and can still dedicate quality time to your relationships and live a life full of love. 

  • Break bad habits and self sabotage.

  • Build self-trust, so they’re not constantly analyzing what to do next. 

  • More freedom to be themselves and authentically express themselves.


The Course Specifics

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The 12-module course offers a unique combination of mental, physical, and spiritual practices and tools that will get you into action and transform your life forever.

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The course is 100% virtual, so you can take the program from anywhere in the world. We’ll meet LIVE every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm.

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You’ll receive daily reminders, inspiration, and simple and easy tools to keep you vibrating high everyday.

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You’ll have lifetime access to the course recordings and materials, so you can download everything and return to the material anytime and learn at your own pace.

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Unlike most online courses, Activate Your Inner Magnetism Course is LIVE which means we’ll meet as a group once a week so you can ask questions and get personalized support. At the end of every group group session you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper and get more clarity on anything you need.  

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Join an amazing community of like-minded people you can connect with via a private Facebook page and throughout the LIVE program — this powerful, group will become an incredible source of support and encouragement that won’t end after the course is over.


And there’s more!

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You’ll have PERSONALIZED support from me on our group calls and 3 -1:1 calls! You can ask specific questions you have about what you’re learning and how to apply it to your life.

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You’ll receive guided meditations and visualizations to help you manifest and stay in a high vibration. You can even keep them after the program is over.

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You will receive a daily reminders to stay on track through the entire program.

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Each month you’ll receive a digital workbook to track what you’re manifesting, learning and your progress throughout the course.


The next course begins Tuesday September 3rd, 2019

Space is limited and registration closes soon.

This course is only offered 3x per year.

Want to know more or see if this is a good fit for you?

Let’s connect!


More examples of manifesting & activating inner magnetism:

I feel like myself again. I feel happy again. I feel love and grace again, for myself and for others. Thank you for helping me find my balance, And my gifts again, and what I’m here on this earth to do.
It feels so good to wake up happy again!
It feels so good to be operating from a place of love and abundance again!
Amazing things are showing up everywhere!
Thank you,Thank you,Thank You! A million trillion times!
I am forever grateful.
— Jessica
Marisa is a huge reason why I have grown so much as a person. I was seriously stuck in self-sabotaging patterns and negative self-talk before going through one of her programs and experiencing her group coaching and meditations. I’ve also been able to tap into my intuition in a huge way because of her teaching. She is what introduced me to the world of spirituality and mindfulness. I had not found the inspiration or guidance before meeting her!
I can’t believe THIS is my life and I can seriously say that ever since meeting her, I have experienced nothing but magic. The decision to pursue becoming a light-worker is just the most amazing and exciting thing to have happened to me. So, THANK YOU, Marisa. For doing what you do. For opening your heart to me and your clients
— Melissa

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the course?

The course is 12 consecutive weeks. Each week we will have a LIVE group call for an hour and a half. During that call we will cover course content and you’ll have an opportunity to share your experience. After the hour and a half the session will be open for personal questions and coaching.

Are there refunds?

Purchases are FINAL SALE. There are no refunds for this course. Please see the specific course agreement/terms & conditions. If you’re unsure if this course is for you or you can’t tell what you’re intuition is pulling you to do, the perfect thing to do is schedule a call. On the call you can talk about the program details and have any questions you want answered. Schedule here.

I already know, I have some conflicts. Do I have to attend all of the sessions?

You are not required to attend all of the sessions. Recordings are provided within 48 hours of every session to course participants. However, participation, watching missed sessions, and completion of assignments is highly recommended to obtain benefits mentioned above. If you know that you will miss more than 2 consecutive sessions or 4 or more sessions, it is recommended to participate in a future course, work 1:1 with Marisa or start with the 22 Day Manifesting & Magnetism Online Course.

What do people get out of working with you?

There’s nothing better than hearing from people who have participated. Check out all of the testimonials here.