Are You Ready to Become Magnetic?

Here is my favorite ritual to

Find Alignment, Access Your intuition and unleash your inner magnetism.  


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Hi incredible soul!

It's so nice to virtually meet you. I'm so glad you've stopped by and I'm excited to give you one of my favorite Tools & exercises to begin witnessing the magic of your life. There's nothing that brings me more joy than watching You learn how to Manifest your deepest heart's desires into your life with Grace & ease. 

I hope you enjoy! xx, 




My Ritual for Unleashing Your Magnetism & Manifesting



1. Create the perfect space

  • Find a quiet & comfortable place in your home. 
  • Light some palo santo or incense with a relaxing scent (sandalwood is one of my favorites). 
  • Play some relaxing music. I love this heart opening frequency
  • Grab a journal, pen & paper or even your computer (which I use since I have illegible hand-writing). 
  • Take 5-10 deep breaths and relax into your space. 




      2. Begin with gratitude & open your ability to receive. 

      • Begin with 2 pages of gratitude, not a list (start simple if you're having trouble). 
      • Write down all the ways you receive money, material items, love, & appreciation now. 



      3. Use the following writing practice to access your intuition. 

      • Begin a letter to your higher self, God, or the Universe (whichever resonates with you most)
      • Use the following prompts to write this letter to yourself. 
        • I have been feeling ...... (add any negative feelings you've been experiencing lately). 
        • I have been feeling this way because I am ..... 
        • Please help me release these feelings, I would like to feel . . . . (add the feelings or emotions you'd like to experience instead) 
        • I would like to manifest ..... because ..... 
        • Then write "Thank you and I surrender to receive this when the timing is perfect. I trust that you will provide it to me and I'm unattached to it happening. I know I will be taken care of and happy whether it happens or not, but I am ready to receive it."  


      4. What's next... 

      • Make space for this ritual in your calendar at least once a week and wait for the magic to happen. 
      • If you want more support to clear any blocks keeping you from manifesting or unleashing your inner magnetism click here and let's connect. 

                     Hope to connect with you soon! xx

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