Four Steps To Finding Your Inner Magnetism - An Excerpt From My Book Empowered Courageous & Free

I'm so excited to share with you a sneak peek from the book I co-authored, Empowered Courageous and Free, which is officially released on Amazon today!  

Writing this book was an incredible experience for me. I shared details about my life that I’ve never shared publicly before.  My intention is that by sharing my own story, others can see themselves newly, recognize their strength, and find the confidence to keep moving forward and discover the magic in their lives.  

I wrote this book with 6 other amazing and powerful female entrepreneurs who have experienced it all. Each one deep dives into a time of their life they felt they had lost themselves and how they reclaimed their power and unleashed their inner courage. 

I have no doubt that you will absolutely love this book and gain so much value from each of our stories. The great news is the Amazon Kindle version of the book is only $1.99 today! So we hope you enjoy! 

As I promised, here's a little sneak peek of my chapter of the book; the four steps I give to finding your inner magnetism.  (Magnetism - a state of being that allows you to attract that which you desire. People, places, opportunities naturally fall into place because of the joy, love, and inner peace that resonates within you.) 

Step  1: Embracing both masculine and feminine energy

Take a look at where you’ve been operating:

Overly Masculine:

Forcing, pushing, overexerting, stressed, aggressive, controlling, unreasonably angry, hard, stiff, egotistical, holding on to resentment, and rigid.  Overthinking, cold, and smothering.

Overly Feminine:

Being a victim, feeling powerless, manipulative, neediness, codependency, overly sensitive, overly emotional, and lack of self-confidence. It’s martyrdom, depression, confusion, and stagnant.

Notice where you can bring more balance into your life.


Step 2: Finding the synchronicities & signs

Look for signs of all of the ease you experience. Look for the little signs you’re on the right path. Triple digits, photos, messages you received at exactly the right time, song titles, images, seeing a particular sign or symbol everywhere and anything else which relates to what you’re experiencing. Celebrate each and every sign that you’re on the right path and be in search of more.


Step 3: Being aware of where your attention is focused

Write down where your attention has been focused. What struggles, problems, challenges have you been focused on? What things are you constantly thinking about and over analyzing? Let them flow out of you. Think about how that correlates with what you’ve manifested or attracted into your life.


Step 4: Slow down & find alignment

Slow down. Meditate, do yoga, walk, journal, or be out in nature. It can be super uncomfortable at first to let your mind be free of distractions, but the more you practice, the more you’ll find your mind is at ease even when things are stressful. You can start today by taking 10 minutes to focus on your breathing before you go to bed. Even if your mind gets distracted, just go back to feeling your breath go in and out of your body.

We all have the power to attract. We can attract clients, a relationship, a new job, money, material items; you name it and we can attract it. The old paradigm of thinking, which is masculine, says we can only get what we want, by doing and taking all of the actions. The new paradigm says you can attract it to you by taking inspired actions, the balance of both masculine and feminine. What’s even better is we can attract joy, peace, healing, and gratitude.

In my chapter, I share with you all of the details of how I discovered, learned, and implemented these four steps into my life. If you're intrigued to learn more, you can get your copy today for only $1.99! 

I hope you have a magnetic day!