A few weeks ago a friend of mine wrote about how she thought it was B.S. to be able to live a life with grace and ease and anyone who promises you that is totally lying. I was totally triggered by that comment. Wait, hold on, I teach people how live this way. Am I lying?!?! 

 Now, I totally understand her perspective and in some ways I agree, we will not ALWAYS have grace and things will not ALWAYS be easy, but living a life of Grace & Ease (G&E) is totally possible. 

Now, let me get real and straight with you right now. Life has it's challenges and life will always have it's challenges. In fact, we are meant to have challenges!! (More on this later). There are no if, ands, buts about it.

HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that you can't face those challenges with G&E. I'll tell you that I know first hand that it's possible to face challenges with G&E. I've been practicing for a long time. Living with G&E does not mean life is perfect. In fact, trying to live a perfect life and depending on perfection to live your life actually totally kills off your possibility of living a life of G&E. 

Living with G&E is all about how you approach and deal with the challenges. It's how long you sit in the "nothing every goes my way" or "I'm screwed" or "what's wrong with me" of a challenge that determines if you're living with G&E. It's how fast you allow yourself to feel the emotion, to accept the feelings, and to find a new perspective, a new way to look at things to move forward and out of the fear, anxiety, worry, anger, disappointment, and {insert uncomfortable emotion here}. 

Okay, okay, so how do you begin to live a life of Grace & Ease?!? 

1. Know that you're going to face challenges. 

2. Allow yourself some space and honor yourself by not comparing yourself to others. You're not the only one who faces challenges and we all face them in different areas of our lives. 

3. Let yourself feel your emotions, accept that their part of being human, and that there's nothing wrong with you for feeling angry, disappointed, anxious, or worried. 

4. Don't get stuck in your mind, ruminating about how forgetting to send an email or doing something wrong means you're a failure at life. (I know you've been there, I definitely have). 

5. Take the focus off of what you don't have or don't want and focus your energy on what you do want.

6. Listen to your intuition for guidance about what will support you to move past through this challenge rather than listening to your ego (that survival part of your brain that wants you to be afraid of pain & failure and tells you you're not good enough). 

I know it's not easy to tune out your survival brain and tune into your intuition, so make sure you've downloaded my free guide to opening the window to your intuition if you haven't yet. By clicking here!

I hope you have a powerful day!