Are you ready to experience magnetism?

Below you'll find a list of program offerings & resources To Begin A Life of Magnetism, FlOW, Joy & PeaCe


Activate Your Inner Magnetism

Virtual Group Coaching Program

Unleash your inner magnetism, access higher consciousness, & awaken your true potential.  This is a 12-session group course where we dive into how you access alignment, flow, and open your ability to receive. This series is designed to teach you to master the principles of manifesting, activate your intuition and find spiritual and emotional alignment. Each week you'll meet for a 90-minute interactive session with opportunities for coaching after each session. 


Alignment Accelerated

1:1 Coaching

You'll work with me one-on-one to get access to your intuition and begin to manifest and create immediately. This is for the person who is ready to up level themselves right now. Transformation occurs rapidly in this program. Be prepared to shift things within the first month, that you've been trying to alter for years. Ready for more ease, peace, love, and manifesting power right now? This is for you!


22 Day Manifesting Challenge

Online Program

Are you ready to become magnetic and attract what you desire into your life? Are you ready to learn the art of manifesting? If the answer is yes, this course is for you!

As a part of this course you will receive, 22 videos + plus a digital workbook to complete all of the challenge assignments. This course is designed to raise your vibration and give you the tools to manifest over and over again.


You Are Guided 

You Are Guided is subscription-based members club where you can ask me any question about manifesting & the law of attraction. Every week you can submit your questions by email or through the Facebook Group and Friday I'll do a Facebook LIVE answering all of your questions.

If you'd like to enhance your experience or jumpstart your development you can actively participate in this private group for just $4.99 a month.  

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Elevate Your Inner Light 

Every week I post a short video in a Facebook Group called Elevate Your Inner Light. Giving you my best manifesting tools, techniques, and content. Topics include the law of attraction, reprogramming the subconscious, energetics, neuroscience, quantum physics, and intuition, you’ll be manifesting in no time. The great part is, it's free