Spirituality & Science - Evidence is Sometimes Necessary

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I'm a scientist. My formal education was all about finding evidence to support a hypothesis. If you haven't noticed spirituality is not based around evidence. Immediately, my Catholic upbringing brought my thoughts to bible verse, John 20:29, "Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." Talk about contradicting messages. I'm supposed to believe even if I don't see, but science isn't right unless you can prove it with evidence?

 It's no wonder I abandoned my Catholic faith during college (well that was one of the reasons). I considered myself agnostic for a long time. There's a God, but that's it. The Big Bang is what created the earth and it makes my brain hurt to think about what's beyond that, so that's it. 

As I studied science from high school through my graduate degree, my critical thinking brain grew. My left brain, my analytical brain, the part of me that questioned everything grew. Why this? I wonder why that? What does the evidence suggest?

Yet, somewhere along this scientific path I began to study mindset and emotions. I studied Intuitive Eating and learned that what we think affects our behaviors. The words control and perfectionism popped up. I read books by people like Louise Hay, who wrote about healing your life by healing your mind. I learned about subconscious beliefs.  If we can't trust our subconscious beliefs, what do we trust? That is where intuition came in. You have to "trust" your intuition and "surrender" to the path.

My brain literally fried in that very moment.... Trust has been the hardest part of learning how to use and access my intuition.

My first thoughts were: I don't know what trust is. I can't trust myself, I've made too many mistakes. I can't trust the little voice in my head. How do I know it's my intuition? Am I literally going to believe in this stuff??? Am I going crazy to believe in some voice that's guiding me, some voice that knows more than I should actually know? That can supposedly predict the future and help me make decisions before they happen?! I must be super depressed or at an all time low and in search of answers.... 

So I went on the hunt for evidence. My logical brain, my analytical, scientist brain needed to know that I wasn't going crazy. So I started studying... and people, books, articles, magazines, and experiences crossed my path and showed me the evidence I needed to see. 

Studies about energy, manifesting, intentions, studies about changing the physical properties of thing with our words. Studies of quantum physics, physiology, biology and psychology all had studies that provided evidence to suggest that we have wise inner guidance, that we're connected to people in ways we cannot yet explain, and that our bodies can be controlled by altering our subconscious and our mindset. 

Mind blown... more on these topics later because I know you all want evidence. 





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