Book Review: Seat of The Soul - Gary Zukav and What I've learned about My Purpose on Earth

Photo by Will van Wingerden on Unsplash

The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav has become one of my favorite books. In the last month, I've read/listened to 8 books and none stood out like this one. I would describe reading this book as an experience. It brought me peace, clarity, and there were points that I even had goosebumps while reading sections of this book. 

Zukav beautifully outlines the interconnectedness of humanity, our planet, our life experiences and our purpose on earth. From karma to intuition, Zukav shows the reader how to live their most "authentic" life. A life that brings you the most joy, ease, and fulfillment. One in which we are not caught up in our own Ego's desires or in the dreams and desires of the people who surround us. 

One of my favorite parts of this book was his explanation of the evolution of marriage and relationships in our time. A break a way from traditional marriage/relationship values and one that is moving in the direction of creating spiritual partnerships. Partnerships that support us to fulfill on our soul's purpose; to make a positive impact on the world. This perspective provides a new set of values for us to view our potential partners and would allow us to find a deep fulfillment not only in our careers, but in our romantic and intimate lives. 

Zukav describes that all living things have a purpose on earth, including the plants and animals. He shares about the purpose of dolphins, to connect humans to the sea world. Their purpose is to help humans care about the ocean, it's inhabitants and to increase their desire to protect it from harm. The extinction of dolphins, the increase in illness among dolphins, is self-inflicted because they do not believe they have fulfilled on this purpose. He asks that we send positive intentions to the dolphins to let them know they are indeed fulfilling on this purpose and their service is appreciated. 

Side note: That day, I sent an intention to the dolphins. Later that evening, I went on a boat ride with a good friend in the evening and low and behold dolphins were swimming beside our boat at 8pm that night. The next day, as I hiked Torrey Pines trail (a totally different area of San Diego) I saw a pod of dolphins swimming and playing in the waves. It literally brought me to tears. We are connected beyond belief to every part of this earth. 

So, as the title of this blog post reads, I want to tell you what I learned about my soul's purpose reading this book.  First, I learned that when we are not connected to our soul's purpose, when we aren't living our soul's purpose, we may become ill, may feel anxiety or depression. We often lack hope and trust in ourselves and others.

When we discover that purpose, excitement, joy, and flow become a part of our every day lives. As I continue to learn, to explore spirituality, consciousness, and more deeply connect with myself and my intuition I peel away the layers of how to fulfill on my purpose. 

For now, my purpose is to show others how to create deep consciousness and intention in their lives. To uncover what they truly desire in their lives rather than what they believe will make them happy in the moment. To create a life that is satisfied in the simplest form so they're vibrating at an energetic level that allows them to create a life beyond their wildest dreams. And to show them how to realize their power, strength, and love for their humanity. 

I hope you'll check out the book, it will most definitely fill your soul! 








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