Why Your Gratitude List Isn't Helping You Manifest

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Hello incredible soul, 

I hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Since this week is all about giving thanks I wanted to talk to you a little bit about what gratitude has to do with the Law of Attraction and why it's a major key to manifesting.  

I'm also going to give you one of the tools from my 22-Day Manifesting & Magnetism challenge to do today and get yourself in the vibration of appreciation and closer to manifesting what you desire. I'll also tell you why your daily gratitude list, may not be helping you the way you think it should! 

If you listen to all of the great teachers of manifesting, Rhonda Byrne - author of The Secret, Wayne Dyer - author of Wishes Fulfilled, Abraham Hicks - author of The Law of Attraction. They all tell you the same thing in different words: You must feel the feelings of what it is you desire to attract. In other words, in order to manifest that which you desire, you must feel like you already have it.  

How do we get to that feeling? There are a few different ways, but today I want to talk about gratitude. 

This is where gratitude comes in. The feeling of appreciation. It's a direct message to the universe that you like what you're receiving and you'd be open to receiving more (even if it's only in small amounts or not exactly how you expect it to show up). 

Now, this is why your daily gratitude list, probably isn't working... 

I know from my own personal experience . . every morning I'd write my 10 things down (I love that I live near the ocean, I love that I have good friends and family, I love that I have nourishing food to eat . . ) that I'd acknowledge things I was grateful for, but I sure wasn't FEELING deep appreciation for these things. 

It wasn't until I had some pretty low moments, that I learned how to appreciate the simple things and really feel the appreciation. . . (sometimes we have to learn the hard way). 

I developed a practice of gratitude that really helped me to shift into the feeling of appreciation. So much so that I feel it much more often now without having to even write it down. 

So here you go: 

Grab a a few pieces of paper and a pen or a journal. Whichever you prefer. You're going to write three pages of gratitude. I am grateful for . . . .(Fill in here) . . . because . . . (fill in here). Write and write and write. You might come to a place where you feel like you want to stop or you're out of ideas, but that is exactly when you want to keep going. Push yourself just a little to think of some more things. . . you might even find yourself at a second place where you can't think anymore, but keep thinking. . . if you have to add simple things, but explain why. You'll find that at some point you won't be able to stop! The gratitude will just keep flowing through you. 

Try it out, and if you love it and you're ready for more, I encourage you to check out the 22-Day Manifesting & Magnetism challenge which is an online course 22 videos plus a digital fillable workbook until Monday at midnight the online course will be 50% ($22 instead of $44).